They said I couldn’t,

    They told me that I wouldn’t,

    But if they could see me now

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  2. Reblog if you are in love with/a fan of/obsessed with/have had your life ruined by Colin Morgan


    I’m a mess because of him

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  3. Does anybody ever think about how badass Madam Pomfrey is?


    She never asks questions. Remember the time Hermione turned into a cat? She made sure no one saw her. She regrew a whole arm’s worth of bones in one night. She can mend bones in a second. She even kicks out Dumbledore on some occasions. Just think about how many students get injured in Hogwarts every year and she just fixes them back up like new. 

    We all just need to take a second and thank Madam Pomfrey.

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  4. 5sos-official:

    We’ve literally had the most EPIC last few weeks of our lives here in the US… So today we are really excited to announce that we are doing our very own headline tour around the USA & Canada next year ! Tickets go on sale August 9 at 10am local time, and were also holding a presale on August 5 for everyone on our newsletter. We’ll be sending the password & links over the weekend so make sure you sign-up asap: http://www.5sos.com/newsletter/… Also because the first one SOLD OUT in 45 mins, we are adding a SECOND Forum show in LA this November, but more details on that soon :D Hope you can all come and party, its gonna be fun !! Love ya x

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  5. I feel sick right now. I have just been told that another one of my internet friends has died. He killed himself 2 days ago. And because I was without internet or service, I didn’t know till now. RIP Cody, i regret never being able to meet you in real life. 

    I have so much guilt built up inside of me right now. I wish I could have realized something, that I could have helped him in some way.

    That is why I’m telling you to come talk to me. I don’t want anymore of my friends to die. I have already lost enough. So I’m begging you, talk to me. 

    I love each and every one of you. 

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    which is messier my life or my hair


    the question of his life

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